System for installing heat-shrinkable sleeves

Let us help you become more productive and thus speed up your packaging chains thanks to our expertise. We guarantee results.

Our automatic sleever makes it possible to place heat-shrink sleeves on containers of various shapes and sizes.

In order to guarantee visual quality as well as eliminate distortion during shrinkage, the high-efficiency steam tunnel we offer ensures a uniform and constant marriage on each of your finished products, regardless of its complex shape.

Thanks to the high efficiency steam tunnel we offer, image distortion during shrinkage is eliminated, giving way to a uniform and constant visual.

Maximum cadence of up to 500 PPM.

Helps ensure an even and consistent marriage

Custom options are available.

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Here are some examples of industries that use this equipment

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Food industry

Icône de l'industrie

Cosmetic industry

Icône de l'industrie

beverage industry

Icône de l'industrie

Pharmaceutical, PSN and Cannabis

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With an ecological conscience, we take back your used equipment, which no longer serves you or which will be replaced.

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