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There are several types of filling equipment and the selection is made with regard to several characteristics.

Some industries require to have the fill volume very accurately.

Fill line

Pharmaceuticals, cannabis oils and expensive products, for example, cannot afford to have more or less product. This is why a piston filler will be, in these cases, the equipment to offer.

On the other hand, for the cosmetics industries and the beverage industry which use transparent containers which can have certain variations of the thickness of the container, the key factor of quality will be the visual level of filling in order to look good on the display. This is why a level or "overflow" filler will be a preferred choice.

The piston filler

The high vacuum filler

The level filler

The gravity filler with pressurized tank or not

The pump filler

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Here are some examples of industries that use this equipment

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Food industry

Icône de l'industrie

Cosmetic industry

Icône de l'industrie

Household product industry

Icône de l'industrie

powder industry

Icône de l'industrie

beverage industry

Icône de l'industrie

Pharmaceutical, PSN and Cannabis

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